We build strong cultural and economic ties between the Asia Pacific region and Latin American countries.

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Agricultural and Seafood Products

Our company offers sourcing services and direct trade for an array of agricultural products and seafoods. We also carry stock in selected countries. Contact us for more information on our current stocks.

Food & beverage manufacturing and distribution

We have not only developed our own F&B brands but also offer OEM services for a selection of premium food and beverage items. Our company  selects only the best ingredients to deliver great quality products in the Latin American market as well as in the Asia Pacific market.

Foreign direct investment and investment advisory

We constantly work to develop investment opportunities for high net worth individuals, family offices or corporate entities in the Asia Pacific region as well as in Latin America. Most of our current projects are located in Latin America, already valued and inspected by top industry legal and audit offices. Contact us for more information on our current projects.

The Steinadler Hong Kong Company
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